Multichoice goes after GTV subs

Reports out of Africa suggest that Multichoice is making efforts to win over former GTV subscribers, especially now that Multichoice has regained English premiership soccer rights.

The management of Multichoice Ghana office is currently in a meeting with their counterparts from South Africa to decide on modalities involved in fixing new decoder prices for subscribers of Gateway Broadcast Services (GTV/GBS), reported Ghana’s CitiOnline. This follows an agreement between the two companies for Multichoice to sell DStv decoders to GBS subscribers at a discount following the liquidation of the company.

GBS went into liquidation last week citing the financial crisis as the principle reason for their decision. The company has since withdrawn services from Africa indefinitely. The situation encouraged Multichoice to enter into an agreement with the English Premier League for the full rights to the Premiership games. Now with everything on course for Multichoice, it has also agreed to ease the burden of GBS by agreeing to sell discounted decoders to its subscribers.

Sources at the Multichoice Ghana office told Citi Business that a final decision on the new prices would be reached by the close of February 5 2009. Breaking the news earlier, English FA’s Dan Johnson said the deal should bring some comfort to GBS subscribers.

“It’s very good that Multichoice, the owners of the Supersport channel will be offering discounted DStv decoders to former GTV subscribers. I think that’s some positive news for them and hopefully people will be in a position to take that up and be able to start enjoying Barclays English Premier league matches again as soon as possible”, he said.

Meanwhile, some subscribers are preparing to sue the Ghanaian subsidiary of GBS for displaying ignorance in the wake of the liquidation. Management of GBS (Ghana) issued a statement, earlier this week that it was not aware of plans by the parent company to go into liquidation.