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Thread: Arion "secret" codes for AF 8000HDCI and error list

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    Arion "secret" codes for AF 8000HDCI and error list


    Does anybody know the error list for this receiver? Everytime I am trying to upload software ( not firmware, but keys ) to the receiver, I am getting error : 071 and the download stops.Also, I can't input the secret codes like 24680 in stand-by mode.Nothing like ALT or HEY doesn't appear on the display, just STAND-BY .I am using the firmware and I can turn on the MCAS in it ( I can turn it on and see it in Utilities).I also have tried to edit the keys manually, it doesn't work. I am thinking that maybe with this firmware there are other codes.Thank you for the help!

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    Re: Arion "secret" codes for AF 8000HDCI and error list

    MENU>19370>2486 EMU is active,then Utility>OK>MCAS>OK ....then edit key manualy.

    Sorry,I try to find any tool for edit and transfer keys but no results

    PS Code 24680 is for Arion FTA not for 8000HDCI

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