France: IPTV still on the up

Over a third of French broadband subscribers now take an IPTV service, according to new figures from telecoms regulator Arcep.

France had 5.463 million IPTV subs at the end of September 2008, up 1.6 million, or 39% on the previous year. Then, IPTV subs were 28.8% of the ADSL base.

Of the major operators, Orange TV, owned by France Telecom, is market leader with some 1.5 million IPTV subs, followed by Cegetel’s Neuf TV with 850,000 and Alice, owned by the Iliad Group, with 150,000.

There are 18.3 million internet connections in France, with 17.2 million now accessing via broadband, up 2.4 million over a year. Revenues from internet connections were €1.3 billion for the quarter to the end of September.

Arcep added that the number of 3G telephony users in France grew by over 4 million over the year, to reach 9.4 million.