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Thread: no signal on all satellites

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    no signal on all satellites

    I updated my Echolink El 3020 IR Plus with Maroccino 08 latest channel list and I used AliEditor_v4 programmer but now I have no signal on all satellites.What did I do wrong and how can I bring back the signal,please?

    When I bought this echolink I had to follow a procedure to have a signal on Hotbird and automatically all other satellites cleared. I forgot what this procedure was which probably all Echolink owners had to follow too.Does anyone remember it,please?

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    If you are using more then (1-satellite) like (13e) & (7w) or any others at same-time. Then NOW! You should hava to make your Diseqc switch setting again, regarding to your Dish cabels, as they are connected with Diseqc switch....
    So, Go to <main meneu><sattlite settings> first select (satellite) 13e or 7w witch you are using then select <Diseqc switch> There are 4 options =A,B,C,D=available. set your Diseqc switch settings regarding to your Dish cables as they are connected with Diseqc
    Diseqc=A=Hotbird...B=Nile sat....C=Astra and D=Asiasat...& save settings...

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