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Thread: Cardsharing on technomate 6900 super how ?

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    Cardsharing on technomate 6900 super how ?

    hi to all,
    iam new to cardshareing withtechnomate 6900 combo super.icould not able to set my IP addressin to IP setting.i have tried to DHCP to ON & OFF
    but can not get my IP ADRESS automatically,therefore i have tried to do manually but it does not allow me only i get my SUBNET mASK AND
    Mac address rest of them computer is connected ETHERNATE CABLE to my TECNOMATE6900,computer with wireless BELKIN router is connected upstair with another computer.any body guide me step by step to how to setup my cardsharing and also need free server address
    to conect my receiever .please send me e.mail or private message on this forum.any help will be welcome thankyou-----------

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    Think I'm right in saying your ethernet cable SHOULD be connected from your TM directly into your router M8 - NOT your pc!
    Maybe youve already found this out as nothing since Feb - I have a TM6900HD Super and have had the occasional successful conection on free sites!

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