Camd3Gateway Beta 0.10


So since it's a bit of interest but there are times I will make online.
If you have suggestions PLEASE only the essential things, not as
something like the button must be out there or something.
Technical matters or what is accepted in this phase.

I think the program is self-explanatory but here is a little guidance.
When an extra directory e.g. C: \ unzipped your gateway to the archive.
Then you can start the gateway, it will give an error message that
the port may not be as simple or wegklicken, now carries the IP of
the computer where the gateway is running out and the port where
the users send out. My best is the latest from MPCs or Camd3 from
the server and the server, please MPCS/Camd3 to a new port set
then this must not be entered in the router when the server is in the
same LAN.
Now Carrying your server at the IP of the server MPCS/Camd3 with
the new port of the server MPCS/Camd3.
So that's now almost the best mpcs.user your copy in the gateway
directory, and rename in camd3gateway.User. At the moment, the
gateway needs only the username / password and the CAID's the
list of all the other but it can be bleached.
Camd3Gateway at this point end up just right.

So now completely fix the MPCs rebooted for the port change and
immediately start the gateway, and that was it already. As a monitor
you can use my MPCSCC. At the moment there are only a fixed login
with username: Logmaster and password: Logmaster port is set at 988
but can be changed.

Dr. Lincoln