13/02/09 Qbox HD 1.0.0.

This is an update release for the QBoxHD.
The update procedure must be done in two steps:

1. Update the Boot Flash
1.1 Download and install the latest QBOXHD Updater downloadable from http://www.qboxhd.com/download.html
1.2 Update the receiver with the QBOXHD_UPDATE_COMPLETE_06_02_2009.QHU file

2. Update the USB-based filesystem
2.1 Download the update file qboxhq_update.tar to a USB flash pen
The pen must be VFAT formatted.
2.2 Turn-off the QBoxHD
2.3 Insert the USB flash pen
2.4 Turn-on the QBoxHD
2.5 The update procedure will start automatically.
The LCD will show the procedure status, including when it finishes.
2.6 When the update procedure finishes, turn-off the QBoxHD.
2.7 Remove the USB flash pen
2.8 Turn-on the QBoxHD

The current status of the QBoxHD software is beta.
This update removes all previous configuration and user settings.


thx to °°))Gagliostro((°°