Com Hem adding value

Com Hem is continuing to grow subscriptions to its value added services. The Swedish cablenet matched its 2007 spend with SEK849 million (78.9 million) invested in its network infrastructure during 2008.

Its reward has been a 4% increase in digital TV households although Sweden is switching off its analogue terrestrial services there are no such restriction on the cable sector Com Hem reaching 468,000 digital households as of December 31, 2008. The total subscriber base remains at 1.76 million.

Broadband customers increased by 1% to 506,000, telephony by 5% to 314,000. Some 201,000 customers take a triple play service.

Revenues increased by 8% over 2007 to SEK3,820m while EBITDA was up 6% at SEK1,629m.