Viasat joins open IPTV networks

Viasat is making its subscription packages available on the open IPTV networks in the Swedish markets of Sundbyberg, Göteborg, Varberg and Landskrona.

The newly developed platforms give subscribers the opportunity to choose their subscription packages from a variety of vendors. Around 20 such open networks have been established around Sweden.

The move is important for Viasat, which seems likely to lose its distribution on the now Telenor-owned Bredbandsbolaget when its contract comes to an end later this year. Hans Holger Albrecht, CEO of Viasat parent Modern Times Group, argues that any loss has already been compensated for by the success Viasat is enjoying on the Telia IPTV network.

Total Viasat IPTV connections increased by 17,000 in the last quarter to 78,000.