MobiTV reaches six million subscribers

MobiTV says it has surpassed six million subscribers for its managed mobile media service, which is available on more than 350 handsets across 20 carrier networks, including AT&T and Alltel, in the US.

“MobiTV’s bullish approach to subscriber growth, despite the economy, has allowed us to be a catalyst for increased mobile television adoption,” said Charlie Nooney, chairman and CEO, MobiTV, in a statement. “The biggest hurdle to adoption is no longer availability or technology; it is awareness, and as the market leader we’re poised to capitalize on increasing consumer demand for compelling, entertaining TV and VOD for the mobile phone.”

MobiTV’s content offerings include primetime shows from NBC and ABC, along with more than 40 channels of content, including ESPN, Disney, CNBC, MSNBC and more. “We’re seeing growth driven by major television events, from the Olympics to Election Day,” said Paul Scanlan, president and co-founder of MobiTV.

MobiTV also announced its Media Distribution Platform is now capable of delivering live streaming and on demand video content to the iPhone. The user interface of the MobiTV service has been adapted to suit the features of the iPhone.