Nat Geo Channel to air New Adventure Series

National Geographic Channels International (NGCI) has announced the premiere of its new six-part series By Any Means on Nat Geo Adventure beginning later this month. Co-produced by UK-based Big Earth productions, the series follows gritty adventurer and British actor Charley Boorman as he hitches rides on trains, tuk-tuks, rickshaws, dilapidated handmade boats and even an elephant on his journey from Ireland to Australia.

Navigating a 32,000-kilometre journey, Charley races legendary motorcyclists on the Isle of Man, chats up a gregarious group of sisters on the train in Iran, and slightly panics when his homemade boat takes on water heading over open seas from Indonesia to Australia. Charley also witnesses the turbulent side of some of these countries while on the road. He narrowly avoids the military conflict between Georgia and Russia. In Kathmandu, he finds the capital in turmoil after the Nepalese king is deposed, with jubilant crowds taking to the streets while wary citizens question what may come next.

“Charley Boorman’s infectious enthusiasm for adventure makes By Any Means a perfect fit for Nat Geo Adventure”, said Sydney Suissa, Executive Vice President of Content for NGCI. “Venturing across three continents and 25 countries using 112 modes of transportation is exactly the type of off the beaten path experiences that viewers are looking for on the channel”.

‘It was fantastic to work again with National Geographic Channels International after the success of Long Way Down, and By Any Means was another epic expedition that was only really made possible by National Geographic Channel’s enthusiasm and commitment to the project”, said Russ Malkin, Director and Expedition Organiser for Big Earth Productions. “It was very hard in places, getting stuck out at sea in Vietnam, the raging storms of Cambodia and the endless sleepless nights on enumerable trains but it was all really worth it when we arrived into Sydney on time”.

By Any Means is produced for National Geographic Channels International by Big Earth productions. Russ Malkin and Charley Boorman are the Executive Producers for Big Earth productions. For National Geographic Channels International, Executive Vice President of Content is Sydney Suissa.