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Thread: How much is lies about this cardsharing group?

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    How much is lies about this cardsharing group?

    I used to be a part of a pay based cardsharing group, name not really important as I'm not on a witch hunt. And besides I think they are already listed in the sticky about pay based cardsharing places.

    With others that have left and are still there paying a fair wedge have had suspicions about the setup for a long time. But unlike me some have not had the interest or understanding in the scene to look for alternatives that might work fairer and better.

    I dont fully understand all the setup of cardshare or what can or does go wrong with issues of cardsharing, just what I have read on here really and mixed with a number of suspicions of how a group incoming a good 30,000 or more GBP are trying to justify there prices and probably lying about there costs.

    Hopefully I can post my questions, suspicions and then hopefully get a few details as to what they really might have rather than what they are claiming to have as there setup. I'm hoping I can convince members of a group and those that have left that our suspicions were correct.

    1-The setup is being claimed as having viewing cards local in there own servers. Where the cards are costing many thousands per year. Yet they offer probably less than half what I notice on here could be shared and have found there cards (if they have bought them) to be mainly from cheaper packages. And yet they are claiming to offer near everything thats possable.

    Is it likely they have lied about the cards costing many thousands when at best they have limited shares of Nova, Premiere & Sky Italia?.

    2-Talking about the setup they seem to be rather secretive about explaining there setup. They were once asked, due to problems to better help each other solve issues, to explain all about there setup, what they have, how they use it etc. Seems a reasonable question with all the problems and that people were paying for it.

    But they got rather defensive saying that members did not need to know anything about the setup at all. And that it would not help solve any problems to have it explained.

    Is it likely they have certainly got something to hide about there setup?.

    3-Members were and are haveing a lot of downtime from shares. This is being explained as problems user end. Whilst this is likely true in some cases, certainly not all. The problems were that:

    Often channels were taking ages to clear.

    Channels often might not clear at all on some days.

    Channels freezing a lot on English football days when more members were watching football matches.

    Is this an indication that either the service was\is over subscribed (yet they are still allowing new paying members in) or they dont have what they claim?

    4-Speaking of down time, when shares often go down on a regular basis a faverate reason of there's was that the cards had missed there updates and the servers need resetting to sort this. But this reason being given often left some shares being down for a couple of days.

    Would this happen with official\original cards that are supposedly local?. Should they not simply just carry on decoding as long as they are valid and not need some strange monthly updating?.

    5-Some shares that they have strangly have an incomplere package whilst members being told that it's full packages (I do know some packages have different tiers etc of cause) But the few channels that dont work on certain shares seem to be those that would be part of a mentioned package and sold to members as that. For example ("provider\package name") full package excet these 2, 3 or 4 or so channels dont work.

    Is this another indication of something suspicious?.

    6-Plus 1 share in particular, sky italia whilst being told it's the full package members are asked to stick to just a few channels otherwise it will keep freezing for everyone, which it did\does anyway. The reason given was it's to do with the encryption and the way the cardshare owners have it setup.

    Is this likely or as we suspect a lie about what they really have?. Our suspicions are thus:

    They are being to secretive about there setup for no reason?.

    They are certainly not spending anything like the several thousands on cards that they claim they are each year?.

    They are likely using fake\pirate cards for a good part of there cardsharing whilst claiming they are official and the service is a very expensive setup?.

    Official local cards (6 or 12 month based) needing updating on a monthly basis and normal to be down for hours or days is a lie and reason to be suspicious?.

    They are likely getting some of there shares via another pay or even free based cardsharing group and coming up with fake reasons to downtime or updating cards etc?. Thus saving even more money while claiming it is there own local setup?

    So what do you members think of all this, normal pay based crappy service, a fake setup by them, not what they say they or total lies by them for the best part?.

    I'm now hoping to invest some time learning about cardshare the way you guys on here feel it should work and in time be a part of it myself.

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    Re: How much is lies about this cardsharing group?

    as you said already lots of them use free forums to access other peoples cards and then resell them to others,

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