Film Film + channel monitors record 363 thousand viewers per week


In the second half of last year, watching cable and satellite movie channel Film + 363 thousand viewers per week. This is an audience sedmiprocentní increase compared with the previous period, it increases the viewership Audience interest in Film + rising, mainly due to the constant zatraktivňování programming schedule.

Cable and satellite movie channel Film + IKO Cable operated by the company reached a record audience. According to Media research project for the second half of 2008, monitors the movie channel Film + 363 thousand viewers per week (an overview of selected audience of television channels, see the accompanying table). Compared to the previous period, the second and third quarter 2008, this represents an increase of 24 thousand spectators, roughly sedmiprocentní increase. In prime-time hour for the eighth time of up to 32 thousand spectators at the weekend and 37 thousand in the weekday.

Audience interest is growing, mainly due to the constant improvement of the posting and scheduling of interesting and high quality film news. „ . , operation manager IKO Cable. "Rating of our channel is growing, mainly due to premiérám exciting films from both domestic and foreign production. Often, as even the exclusive television premieres, such as in the case of Berry films, latest swimwear, or Franz is *****monger," says Erika Luzsicza, operation manager IKO Cable. "The audience is returning to us but not just because premiérám, but also for other popular titles. They know that Film + offers still more recent films of all genres, "he adds.

Canal + Film introduced at the turn of the television premiere of the successful Czech films, such as pictures "Last swimwear, preparing to spring an exclusive television premiere of the Czech film" Berry "and" Franz is *****monger. In the coming period are prepared, inter alia, Film Premiere + foreign films "Babel" (Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett), "scandal" (Richard Gere), "Illusion of Love" (Catherine Zeta-Jones), "informers" (Winona Ryder, Mickey Rourke ). Spectators can look forward to an exclusive TV premieres of films that are currently presented in Czech cinemas. Film + post in cinemas and on DVD, for example, broadcast pictures of "Du*****" (Keira Knightly), or "Hazardous goal" (Nicolas Cage).

There is satellite service UPC Direct, CS Link, Digi TV menu, analog and digital cable TV UPC Czech Republic and most other Czech cable and IPTV operators. From May 2008 IKO Cable broadcasts and specialized documentary channel called DOQ, currently available on the satellite platform CS Link and other cable and IPTV operators. Czech fans of fishing and hunting can draw knowledge and inspiration through a unique thematic television channel Fishing & Hunting channel in English, also available on the satellite platform CS Link, Digi TV and other cable and IPTV operators.