Portugal's 24 hour news channel


Portugal has just got a new 24 hour news channel called TVI 24, operated by Spanish company Prisa's Media Capital. The channel will launch officially on February 26 at 9pm, exclusively on ZON TV Cabo.

The new channel claims to be different from its competitors in its dynamic and innovative attitude in the way it treats the news according to José Eduardo Moniz, TVI's general director. The channel will fight for a rigorous and objective journalism by offering the tips so the viewers can get their own conclusions.

TVI 24 has different news blocks as well as magazines on sports, economy, culture, ways of living, science, fashion and Nature as well as debates and interviews. In these interviews it will count on the presence of Portugal's most important politicians such as Augusto Santos Silva and Nuno Morais Sarmento.

At the same time as the broadcasting channel a website will be launched tvi24.pt,, which will be the new entry door for the information the broadcaster aims to be leader in. This website also wants to be the leading website of Portugal's internet information in general.

On its side ZON TV Cabo has shown itself "enthusiastic and at the same time anxious" for the launching of the new channel. Luís Lopez (pictured, above), the channel's CEO, highlighted the importance of the new service for the reinforcing of the diversity of channels in the programming schelude of ZON TV Cabo.