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Kipps (U) 1941 Social-climbing draper's assistant Arthur Kipps finds himself going up in the world when he inherits a small fortune. However, he attracts the attention of ruthless society gold-digger Helen Walshingham, who plans to trick Kipps into marrying her so she can get her hands on his money. Comedy, starring Michael Redgrave, Diana Wynyard and Phyllis Calvert (888)

Porridge (PG) 1979 Comedy spin-off from the TV series, in which cellmates Fletcher and Godber are coerced into aiding an escape attempt organised by the sinister Grouty. However, they end up struggling to break back in before their absence is detected. Starring Ronnie Barker, Richard Beckinsale, Peter Vaughan, Fulton Mackay and Brian Wilde (888)

Thunderbird 6 (U) 1968 International Rescue tries to foil criminals who have come up with a scheme to learn the secrets of Tracy Island's hi-tech equipment. The villains' cunning plan involves seizing control of a swanky new airship during its maiden voyage and using Lady Penelope as bait. Puppet adventure, with the voices of Shane Rimmer, Keith Alexander, Sylvia Anderson, John Carson and Peter Dyneley (888)

The Pink Panther (PG) 1963 The world's most inept police detective, Inspector Clouseau, heads off to Switzerland in search of a suave jewel thief targeting a valuable gem but the bumbling officer's attempts to foil the crime create chaos. Blake Edwards' comedy, starring Peter Sellers, David Niven, Capucine, Robert Wagner and Claudia Cardinale

Brick Lane (15) 2007 A Bangladeshi woman reluctantly leaves her native country for an arranged marriage in England. Years spent living in a drab east-London tower block take their toll, while her husband is consumed by his thwarted ambitions. However, an encounter with a cocky younger man changes her outlook on life. Drama, based on Monica Ali's novel, starring Tannishtha Chatterjee and Satish Kaushik (888)

The Hide (12) 2008 A birdwatcher sitting alone in a remote hide on the windswept Suffolk mudflats gets some unexpected company when a bedraggled stranger seeks shelter during a storm. The two find they have a lot in common, but an announcement on the radio leaves the ornithologist worried his new friend is a dangerous fugitive. Thriller, starring Alex MacQueen and Phil Campbell

Creep (18) 2004 A woman falls asleep on a platform in the London Underground, and wakes to find herself locked in the station. She reluctantly steps onto an empty train, which leads her into the labyrinth of tunnels where she soon realises she's not alone. Horror, starring Franka Potente, Sean Harris and Vas Blackwood (888)

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