FLYCCCAM v0.1 Release 2009-2-22

FLYCCCAM is a special window under the user agreement CCCAM shared plug-ins, and support multi-accounts., Completely free of charge during the test.

Plug-in itself does not contain any sharing
Currently supported players, including
5.DVBWorld (XSL)
6.DVBViewer Pro

Hope that everyone used to talk of some use to post their experiences to talk too much about some good advice.
If you have any questions please post on the forum, we will reply as soon as possible to solve!
Download this plug-in and unpack, unzip files after the two have "FLYCCCAM.dll, FLYCCCAM.cfg", copying the files to the player software to plug-ins directory. Cccam account and write FLYCCCAM.cfg file. If you have multiple accounts, each line to write an account.
Account Format:
C: Server Address Server Port account