Cabo PPV TV Listing

February 20 to February 27

Satellite: Hispasat

Position: 30 west

Frequency: 11771H

Programming hours: 24 hour

Encryptions: Nagravision 3

English soundtrack: Yes


ESTREIAS 1 (Video-On-Demand 1)

Like Minds (Mentes Mortais)

Starring Toni Collette, Eddie Redmayne, Tom Sturridge, Cathryn Bradshaw, Kate Maberly, Patrick Malahide, Jon Overton, Richard Roxburgh, Amit Shah, Ben Szoradi, David Threfall and Liam McKenna.
A forensic psychologist, Sally Rowe, is appointed by police to determine whether there's enough evidence to lay murder charges against 17 year old Alex, accused in the shotgun death of his school mate Nigel. With no tangible evidence, the detective on the case is under pressure from Alex‘s influential father to have the charges dropped. Delving deeply into Alex and Nigel‘s bizarre symbiotic pact, Rowe discovers that though dead, Nigel's psychological effect on Alex is far from diminished.

ESTREIAS 2 (Video-On-Demand 2)

The Lost (Alma Perdida)

Starring Marc Senter, Shay Astar, Alex Frost, Megan Henning and Robin Sidney.
Four years ago Ray murdered two young women at a local campground and his friends help him cover it up. Now, Detective Charlie Schilling and his ex-partner know Ray did it and they plan on pushing him until they can prove it.

EXITOS 1 (Video-On-Demand 3)

Spinning Into Butter (Um Crime Racial)

Starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Miranda Richardson, Beau Bridges, Mykelti Williamson and Paul James.
The dean of students at a New England college is thrust into the investigation of a racial hate crime. She's forced to confront her own feelings about race and her administration's desire to maintain a politically correct posture.

Fast Food High (Os Quatro Cavaleiros)

Starring Mark O’Brien, Curtis Morgan, Nick Abraham, Natalie Roy and Joanna Douglas.
Sidney J. Furie directs this elegiac war drama concerning four high school gridiron stars who enlist in the Marines to fight in Iraq, and the troubles the survivors face upon returning to the United States. Four young soldiers went in, but unfortunately not all of them returned home. The ones who did are faced with both survivor's guilt, and the problems of blending back into a society that doesn't seem to care about the sacrifices they've made. As the temptation to join their fellow Marines back on the battlefield intensifies, they struggle to find a reason to remain with their loved ones back home.

EXITOS 2 (Video-On-Demand 4)

Outlaw (A Lei da Milícia)

Starring Sean Bean, Danny Dyer, Rupert Friend, Sean Harris, Lennie James and Bob Hoskins.
Former Paratrooper Bryant (Sean Bean) returns to London, where in the lawless streets the guilty are left unrestricted, no longer recognizes his country. He assembles a group of like-minded souls who feel betrayed by their government to restore the balance between good and evil, enforce justice, and right the wrongs of society.

The Last Hit Man (O Último Atirador)

Starring Joe Mantegna. Elizabeth Whitmere, Romano Orzari, Michael Majeski and Victoria Snow.
Joe Mantegna stars in this action-packed drama about a hitman who must confront his most fearsome opponent, death. Following a job where everything goes wrong, the long-time contract killer learns he's dying. Should he tell his daughter, who's also in the family business? Meanwhile, the entrance of an up-and-coming assassin adds a new element that may change everything.

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