Sorry for the delay in posting, don't really have any excuses which aren't pretty lame, but apologies anyway.

I've been a member of the Sat scene for more years than i would want to admit and just about feel confident enough to think about sharing. In the past i've stuck to cams & cards, but as we all know it's pretty quite on that front (apart from perhaps the Diablo Cam).

I'd be very grateful if any member would give me some advice as to which bit of kit I would be best for me. I was thinking either:

  • Diablo WiFi
  • Qbox
  • Dreambox

I appreciate that the Dream is the most established, but the diablo is quite reasonably priced, and the Qbox certainly looks interesting - but to be honest I don't really understand it's full potential.

I've got a wifi network at home and stream video and music etc, but would be really gratfull for any advice about setting up for sharing etc (I know it's a big topic)

Thanks in advance
Tom D.