German DVB-H to try again?

As we reported recently, Germany seems to want to try again with DVB-H, buoyed by the apparent success of DVB-H services to mobile phones in neighbouring Austria (90,000 users).

German mobile operator Mobile 3.0 last year handed back its licence to operate a DVB-H system. One industry observer says it is quite possible that Mobile 3.0’s rivals might combine to create a business model.

“Austria is definitely a pioneer in mobile TV in Europe,” according to 3 Austria’s CEO Berthold Thoma. “If only countries such as France, Germany and Great Britain would adopt DVB-H technology, there would be more devices that support DVB-H.”

A special committee has been formed to examine investor interest – perhaps itself a struggle these days. But with the Solaris Mobile satellite about to be launched in just 4 weeks, and with its cargo of potential DVB-SH frequencies, perhaps a service will have better luck this time around.