Tender for new Colombian pay-TV licences to be held in September

Colombia's National Television Commission (CNTC) will hold a tender for the issue of five new pay-TV licences in September, according to reports in news portal TV Telco LatAm, quoting CNTC Director Maria Cristina Hoyos.

Speaking at the Andinalink 2009 conference, Ms. Hoyos said that the five new pay-TV licences will be granted "over the course of the next few months", in a move which is expected to benefit local would-be IPTV operators such as Colombian telcos ETB and Emcali.

The CNTC is thought to be under political pressure to issue the new licences, with Daniel Medina, Colombia's Vice Minister of Communications, saying that President Álvaro Uribe wants to "facilitate investments" in the country in order to lessen the impact of the global financial crisis.