eyetvCamd is now up to version 1.3
The main developer added support for an EMU that ca load a SoftCam.Key file. The communication between eyetvCamd and the EyeTV plugi has been rewriten to solve some freeze issues.

We still have an issue with PowerPC machine and we're looking for a developer with a G4 or a G5 that could work on solving the problem. I've done some test on a remote G4 (remote desktop over the internet is dead slow .. so forget about remote debugging) and as far as I can tell it's an issue with byte swapping somewhere in the plugin code. I was able to check the the DW arrives in the plugin in the same order on Intel and PowerPC CPU and byte swapping the DW didn't solve the problem. The next step is to do some 'live' debugging and I can't do this using remote desktop (I no longer have a PPC machine and only have access to a mac mini G4 over the net).
So if you're interested, send me a PM