Solaris Mobile will launch Mobile TV+Audio

Randolf Woehrl, Director Automotive Services at Solaris Mobile, speaking at last week’s Barcelona 3GSM telephony event, confirmed that the satellite operator would soon be launching a TV and audio service to hand-helds and vehicles over Europe.

“Solaris Mobile will reshape the landscape of mobile communication in Europe,” said Woehrl. “We will broadcast video and audio and data to vehicles and handhelds across Europe. The hybrid network comprising satellite and terrestrial infrastructure offers competitive advantages compared with existing Mobile TV services. Our infrastructure brings a fully-fledged TV experience to portable devices, enabling high-quality live TV, a wide choice of TV channels per country and universal coverage. Remember the millions of tourists traveling through Europe each year. While driving on the motorways, passengers will enjoy Live-TV and information – and data-services as well – in their cars. Solaris Mobile will enable real high-quality broadcasting, with sharp pictures even at high speed.”

Woehrl, speaking to German online Digital, did not say who would be actually providing these services, but said up to 25-30 channels could be handled within the 15 MHz of bandwidth that they are formally seeking. “We are in close negotiation with our key partners and content providers, who will present their offerings as soon as they enter the market,” he added.

Solaris Mobile, a €150m joint-venture between Eutelsat and SES, will be launched into orbit at the end of March and will be operational before the summer. The one uncertainty is that it has yet to receive formal EU approval for its plans. A decision is expected by mid-March.