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Thread: Cable lags in Austrian digitalisation

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    Cool Cable lags in Austrian digitalisation

    Cable lags in Austrian digitalisation

    Digital television in Austria is making headway via satellite and terrestrially, but continues to show low acceptance amongst cable households, according to a digitalisation report presented to the Parliament.

    The report predicts that in two years’ time virtually no more households will receive analogue television terrestrially or via satellite. By mid-2008 47% of the 3.4 million TV homes were already receiving digital television – 17% more than at the end of 2006. The remaining 53% still relied on analogue reception.

    The main increase was in the number of digital-satellite households. This was followed closely by digital-terrestrial television (DTT). By June 30 2008, at total of 535,000 DTT receivers had been sold. DTT coverage, which stood at 90% of households in mid 2008, should rise to 95% by the time the last analogue transmitters are switched off in early 2011.

    Cable remains the problem child with 39% of TV households being analogue cable households while only 3% have opted for digital cable television. Media authorities KommAustria and RTR say this is due to the attractive offer available in analogue and the fact that digital value-added services such as video-on-demand and pay-per-view seem to provide insufficient incentives for viewers to make the switch – either because they don’t know enough about them or because of their additional costs. The media watchdogs see high-definition television as a possible driving force for the digitalisation of cable networks.

    Cable operators face increasing competition from IPTV packages distributed by telecommunications companies on their ADSL broadband networks. AonTV, operated by Telekom Austria, was already reaching 50,000 households by mid 2008.

    Meanwhile, mobile television signals via DVB-H cover more than 50% of the Austrian population – a leading figure Europe-wide – but the report did not contain data pertaining to what extent the offer was actually used.

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    Re: Cable lags in Austrian digitalisation

    Report: digital cable lags behind in Austria

    By Robert Briel | February 24, 2009

    Austria is fast becoming a country without digital terrestrial and satellite reception. Only cable is lagging behind in the digitalization process, according to the latest report from the telecom authorities KommAustria and RTR to the counry’s parliament.

    Midway through 2008, about 47% of all Austrian households were digital homes, an increase of 16% as compared with the end of 2006. The remaining 53% still received analogue signals. Meanwhile, digital penetration reached over 50% of all 3.4 million TV households in the country.

    With regards to digital terrestrial reception, 535,000 set-top boxes had been sold as of June 30, 2008, and the technical reach of the DTT network reached 78% of the country. All analogue broadcasts will cease at the end of 2010 or early 2011 at the latest.

    Cable is lagging behind in the digitalisation process. Between 3% and 4% of all TV households in the country subscribed to digital services as of mid-2008, despite a special action offering subsidized cable tuners, which was launched in 2007. About 39% of all households in the country subscribed to cable TV.

    The report also claims mobile TV is a big hit in the country following the launch of the DVB-H network, reaching 50% of the population.

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