Vizio wins US top LCD spot

Founded only in 2002 with just 3 staff, Vizio LCD (and Plasma) flat-panel sets have carved out a major slice of the US retail market. The latest data from iSupply shows that Vizio units again took the No 2 sales position for the last quarter (Oct-Dec) of 2008, pushing Sony and Panasonic down in the league table.

Samsung retained the top spot with a 20.2% market share, but Vizio had a 14.3% share, ahead of Sony’s 13.5% (with Panasonic 10.7% and LG 10.6%). However, it is also worth noting that more sets were sold at discounter Wal-Mart than at specialist retailer Best Buy. Vizio says it sold 1.23m flat-panel sets in the pre-Christmas quarter.

El Segundo-based iSupply says Vizio's rise showed that value-minded shoppers had opted for its sets, whose prices generally undercut the competition.

The overall lack of success for Pioneer (below 3% of the market) seemed to have been the last straw for the high-end Japanese flat-panel maker. It has just announced it will quit the plasma display market.