RCS/RDS hikes prices

By Chris Dziadul | February 24, 2009 | 10:29 UK

Romania’s RCS/RDS has increased the prices of its cable, internet and DTH services for the second time in three months.

According to ZF, its reasons for doing so are probably the falling value of the local currency against the euro.

As a result, the cheapest subscriptions have all been increased by RON1 (€0.23), with that for the DTH service Digi TV going up from RON13 to RON14 and for 5Mbps internet access from RON28 to RON29 a month.

RCS/RDS and UPC are two of the few leading providers in Romania that price their product in lei rather than euros.

Romtelecom, which operates the DTH platform Dolce, uses euros and recently announced price reductions.