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Thread: intelsat 701 on PC

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    Question intelsat 701 on PC


    I am quite new with satellite stuff and new on the forum.

    Ok, I am in Australia and we can get intelsat 701 which broadcast stuff from New Caledonia.

    I wondering something. If I buy a 85cm dish and a satellite receiver with USB2 output, what I am going to see on my PC for crypted channels like canalsat. Is it going to be a black screen or a crypted picture?
    Publich channels should be fine, right?

    Best regards

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    Re: intelsat 701 on PC

    Hi GPT,

    First of all, Depending on where you are in OZ you may need a dish bigger than 85cm to get adequate reception of I701.

    Secondly, you need a valid subscription card to see the majority of channels on that satellite. There are a few free to air though. Refer to this limk to see whats available:


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    Re: intelsat 701 on PC


    I put my 85 dish on my balcony and that's working fine, I mean I can see canal when free to air and listen a couple of radios.

    would dvbprog be usefull to get better than a black screen for other channels ?
    Is there a tuto somewhere ?


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    Re: intelsat 701 on PC

    Hi gpt1plon.

    Till June last year we use to get 5 channels in Biss Crypt, but since then no Biss KEYS are available. They changed.

    You can only watch Canal + in the morning and late arvo for an hour fta.All others are Seca Mediaguard .

    IF you got time you can use a software Called CWfinder to find the correct keys for BISS crypt to add to Progdvb, but it is time consuming.
    You must run record for 5 seconds on a biss channel and then run CWFinder.

    If you read French, there is a forum dedicated to Intelsat 701,use google translate the content.
    This is the site:
    http://***************/showthread.php?t=50949&highlight=canalsat+reunion& page=20

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