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Thread: predator is newed too seldom?

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    predator is newed too seldom?

    Why do people new the predator-file so seldom?
    Or is it hard to get those files?

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    Re: predator is newed too seldom?

    It probably has something to do with the fact that there's nothing open at the moment.
    While true that Diablo is able (Rev 2.3 or higher), to open C*N*X. Sadly those "Keys" have not been made Public yet, so assuming that the Dragon / T-Rex could open those Providers in the first place we would still need the Keys which we just do not have.
    Most of all the other Provider that the CAM could have opened, like Pr*m***, have since changed there Encription and are gone for the moment.

    So besides the few C*N*X Provider at 16.0E and (IIRC) 1.0W The only stuff still "open" (AFIK), is Polsat on 13.0E and *Kabel Deutschland on 23.5E. Both of which are still useing Nagra2, which the Dragon / T-Rex should be able to decode.

    *Kabel Deutschland broadcasts in DVB-S2 unless you have an "S2" Tuner, KDG will remain "Black" w/w/o any CAM. To make this as blunt as possible you wouldn't be able to view this provider with Dbox2 like Equipment. Even though it could in fact easly decode it. Because it's in DVB-S2 however, the DBox can not tune (i.e. see it), and so will ignore it. Tuss the black sreen.

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