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World for Ransom (PG) 1954 A mercenary adventurer gets caught up in a scheme to kidnap one of the world's most prominent nuclear scientists, and learns it's all been orchestrated by cunning foreign spies who've managed to get their hands on an atomic weapon and are demanding a hefty ransom for it. Thriller, starring Dan Duryea, Gene Lockhart, Patric Knowles and Reginald Denny (888)

American Guerrilla in the Philippines (PG) 1950 A US Navy officer finds himself stranded in enemy waters after his ship is torpedoed. However, he's not one to admit defeat, and sets about proving his mettle by organising members of a local resistance group to take on marauding Japanese troops. World War Two drama, starring Tyrone Power, Micheline Presle, Tom Ewell and Tommy Cook. Directed by Fritz Lang (888)

The Battle of the River Plate (U) 1956 The British Navy pursue German battleship the Graf Spee, finally cornering the vessel in Montevideo harbour, where its commanding officer is faced with an impossible dilemma. World War Two adventure from Powell and Pressburger, starring John Gregson, Anthony Quayle, Peter Finch, Bernard Lee and Jack Gwillim (888)

Dancing at Lughnasa (PG) 1998 Drama adapted from the acclaimed stage play, chronicling the lives of five unmarried sisters in 1930s Ireland, whose world is turned upside down by the arrival of their missionary brother. Starring Michael Gambon, Meryl Streep, Catherine McCormack, Kathy Burke, Sophie Thompson and Rhys Ifans (888)

Transamerica (15) 2005 A pre-op transsexual is startled to discover he has a teenage son from a brief relationship with a woman years ago, and is forced to put plans of surgery aside in favour of parental responsibilities. Comedy drama, starring Felicity Huffman, who earned an Oscar nomination for her performance. With Kevin Zegers, Fionnula Flanagan and Elizabeth Pena (888)

Wilderness (15) 2006 Young offenders are sent to a deserted island for a team-building exercise. However, their stay quickly descends into an exotic but excruciating experience as a mysterious attacker targets them in increasingly horrific ways. Michael J Bassett's horror, starring Sean Pertwee, Alex Reid, Richie Campell and Lenora Crichlow

Indecent Proposal (15) 1993 An architect's wife has her life turned upside down by a billionaire, who offers her $1million to spend a night with him. There's just one snag, in the form of her husband, who's understandably reluctant to agree to such an offer and it seems his reservations may be well-founded. Adrian Lyne's drama, starring Robert Redford, Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson, Oliver Platt and Billy Bob Thornton

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