Mediamétrie to measure delayed viewing

French ratings research institute Médiamétrie will start to measure delayed TV viewing. Between now and the end of 2009, one fourth of its panelists, which means around 1,000 households, will be equipped with dedicated audimeters allowing them to measure delayed viewing on TV and other platforms.

The announcement was made by Bernard Chesnet, the director of Médiamétrie’s Television department at a press conference in Paris presenting the 2008 TV year. In 2010, the data will be first delivered to networks before being integrated into rating studies.

For Médiamétrie, the objective is thus to adapt to new TV viewing behaviours. More than one-fourth of people aged 15-24 now watch live TV on their PC while 5.6 million individuals above 15 have already consumed catch-up TV. “Virtually, catch-up TV adds audience to TV shows ratings,” Bernard Chesnet explained.

Last year, French daily TV viewing established at 3 hours and 24 minutes, a quite stable result compared to previous years. Sport and drama series remained the highest rated genres. Last year, sport programming represented 3.2% of the global offer of programmes vs 2.5% in 2007.

Almost half of French households owned two TV sets while 39.9% of them are watching TV on a flat screen. That stood at only 27.3% in 2007.