Alice substantially expands AliceBox package

French telco Alice, owned by the Iliad Group, has expanded its AliceBox offering to include 70 new channels for the IPTV service 'Alice TV', has increased Internet speeds in unbundled areas to up to 28 Mbps, added 27 new destinations in the unlimited calls offering, and added access to a digital radio package for all AliceBox subscribers.

The 70 new channels added to Alice TV include a greater number of news, local and foreign channels, and brings the total number of channels available on the service up to 140. Furthermore, the telco has started offering 32 channels in MPEG-4 format, allowing almost all new unbundled subscribers equipped with the new AliceBox to access a 32-channel low-speed package.

Alice has also increased the available bit rate for new Internet customers in unbundled areas, due to the new AliceBox introduced earlier this month and the improvements made to the Alice network, bringing available speeds to up to 28 Mbps. In non-unbundled areas, Alice now offers the maximum speed permitted by the ADSL2 network of 22 Mbps.

Alice has also expanded its unlimited calls to landlines offering by including calls to 27 new destinations, including French Guyana and major countries such as Brazil, China, India, Argentina and South Africa, and bringing the total number of destinations included in its AliceBox flat rate package to 87.

Finally, Alice has also launched an ADSL radio package, offering around 60 radio stations, which are available for all new subscribers to the AliceBox package and are accessible directly via the TV.

Alice reportedly had around 150,000 IPTV subscribers by September 2008, according to data from Informa Telecoms & Media. The Iliad Group acquired Alice from Telecom Italia in August 2008 for EUR 760mn.