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Thread: Need help: Gamma Card + SmartBee programmer

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    Need help: Gamma Card + SmartBee programmer

    hi guys,

    i am totally new to gammacard programming
    i bought gamma card with smartbee programmer 3,579 Mhz

    then i bought an adapter to connect its com port over USB, because i have no COM interface on my computer

    i opened gamma loader 2.5

    tried clean says "clean card" but nothing is moving or changing, and stays for 10 does not change

    i tried program card....same issue

    when and how do i know if a card is succesfuly cleaned or programmed?


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    Re: Need help: Gamma Card + SmartBee programmer

    just folow by load file than prog card!!
    or just use any loader to clean card than use the soft called emk-3.5 to programme your card
    1-open the soft by cliking on
    2-reste( if your card is cleaned you will see GAMMA ATR in atr section)
    3-load *.gam
    4-send to card - most see somme data sent to card)
    5- when you see that data stop sent to card that mean your card finsh programed)
    6-click rest secound time you most see that the atr is changed and the coco section is peopled!!)
    7-click close to close the soft (do not unplug card untel you close the soft!! for your card safe)
    8-use your card as you need.......!!!!

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    Re: Need help: Gamma Card + SmartBee programmer


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