Hi All

I'm struggling to find out the way to upload and / or download data between my laptop and my opticum 4000c. I did not found too many manual on the google.

What i would like to do is to set the channels to the sequence as I like it.

I have a Toshiba 4090 XCDT ,Win XP, Toolbox_1.6_Opticum.exe , Null modem cable.
I did connected the ports, I did set the bit rate to 115200 on the laptop ,so and so.

When I start the Channel editor it is trying to connect to the box but after like 30 seconds it comes up with a fault message, something like it can not connect.

Can any body help me to find a good tutorial so I can learn how to upload / down load data ?
May be I have to set my box to a special channel or the null modem cable wiring isn't right or somethings else.

Thanks for your help.