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Thread: problems clearing card

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    problems clearing card

    i am trying wit cammacrd loader 2.2 to clear the card....but i get

    Not Cleaned. The Card ATR is CE7CFC407C3EBEBECC72BEBE40023E4C303E7CB2007C707C7C 8EF2

    and when i try SataidTeam_GammaLoader.exe

    i get

    not cleaned, the card ATR is
    but under ATR before cleaning and after cleaning i get

    CE7CFC027CC03EBE80BE8EBE8EBE80BE40023E4C303E7CB200 7C707C7C8EF2FC

    i am new to this

    how can i get my card cleaned and programmed properly?

    i tried programming without clearing...but my dm800 with cccam does not recognize the card

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    Re: problems clearing card

    on winexplorer ATR i get

    ATR: CE 7C FC 40 7C 3E BE BE CC 72 BE BE 40 02 3E 4C 30 3E 7C B2 00 7C 70 7C 7C 8E F2

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    Re: problems clearing card

    I think the card you've got is not a gamma card.... (ATR)

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    Re: problems clearing card

    try loader 1.1 and choose the right com port

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    Re: problems clearing card


    i tried a different cable and it seems to read properly, and i wrote my first gam to card, but it is too old, opens nothing

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    Re: problems clearing card

    if still had problem send me a pm to help you my friend it s easy thing

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