Spain's govt promises to push HDTV


It is high time Spain's government gave some indication on its high-definition TV policy as the country is well behind the progress its neighbours such as France or Italy have made so far. Now Spain's Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce has said it will tackle HDTV implementation "once DTT is successfully launched", according to an official note.

The Ministry argues that there are already regular HD satellite transmissions in Spain. In the HDTV over DTT case there have been tests during various events such as the Expo Zaragoza 2008. Moreover the Ministry justifies its argument saying over the last years there has been strong growth in flat screen TV sets without HD.

Spain is part of the European HDTV Forum which is in charge of promoting in Europe the implementation of HDTV. Its goal is to reach a free consensus in those aspects regarding the interoperability and standarization of HDTV signals.