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Thread: Dragoncam and Nagravision

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    Dragoncam and Nagravision

    Hello guys im new there.

    Would like to ask something.

    I programmed the lastes Predator on my cam but Nagra doesn't go.

    So I searched new keys of 28-02-09. I converdet it and insert into the cam.

    But nothings happen. What should i do to work Nagra??

    Should I put older Predator file?


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    Re: Dragoncam and Nagravision

    You must have made a mistake entering the keys. The keys were changed twice in the same day some days ago, perhaps you entered the keys of the first change. The working keys in Dragon (Predator 369) clear DigiTV OK.
    However, if you have an old version Dragon (like rev. 2.06), DigiTV clear, but then the picture goes off after some 20 seconds. You can get it back switching to another channel and back, but it keeps going off. No problem with newer Dragon versions.

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