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Thread: info Ctech5000s

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    info Ctech5000s

    hi,if is not the correct section,please admin move to right place.

    its possible to do a card sh*ring with ctech5000s and serial port?

    thank you


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    Re: info Ctech5000s

    no chance?

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    Re: info Ctech5000s

    Yes it is possible. You can use sssp. Hidden menu 8281

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    Re: info Ctech5000s

    i have a ctech5000hd and i´m trying to use sssp mode. i use WSP to connect to the servers (newcamd). Someone gave me lines (different ports for different packages) for test but only works with some viacess channels (JSC Sports and SRG suisse).

    Nagra, Crypto, Seca, Irdeto, NDS, etc. don´t work.

    Does anyone know what the problem is?

    If it works with some packages it should work with others, i don´t understand.

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