VDSL in 50 German cities by midyear

German telco Deutsche Telekom wants to complete the roll-out of its fibre optic network (VDSL) to the country’s 50 largest cities by mid-year.

Subscribers will then be able to surf the internet with a data rate of up to 50 Mbit/s and receive high definition television (HDTV) via the IPTV package T-Home Entertain. The smaller variation ADSL2+, which offers up to 16 Mbit/s, is already available in around 1,000 cities.

In the forthcoming months, Telekom wants to expand its ADSL broadband network in rural regions. “Although there are always promises to connect rural areas, actions speak louder than words,” Timotheus Höttges, head of Telekom’s sales and service department, said in Bonn. “In this year alone we will invest another €300 million – €100 million of this into rural regions – so that we can deploy ADSL to another 250,000 households.” According to Höttges, Telekom invested the same amount last year in its broadband development.

In the area of VDSL, Telekom is increasingly cooperating with competitors to share the costs of further deployments. The company is currently working with Vodafone in the cities of Würzburg and Heilbronn to test joint VDSL expansion. An agreement with EWE was recently signed for a joint VDSL roll-out in eight Lower Saxony cities and in Bremerhaven.