AXN HD reaches Asia after three-way deal

Roll out of the high-definition version of Sony Picture Entertainmentís AXN, AXN HD, has started in Korea, following a deal between SPE Networks Asia (SPENA), transmission services provider Globecast and satellite operator Measat.

GlobeCast will pick up the AXN HD channel feed from SPENAís facilities in Singapore directly to GlobeCastís Parkview Square facility. GlobeCast will then deliver the signal via its RIBU fibre network to GlobeCastís Hong Kong teleport for uplink to MEASAT-3ís platform and transmission to the Korean audience, initially via MPEG-4/DVB-S and subsequently moving to MPEG-4/DVB-S2.

AXN has been in operation in Korea since 2005, having first launched on the SkyLife DTH platform in July 2005. It then debuted on Korea Telecomís (KTís) IPTV service, MegaTV, in November 2008 along with the official launch of IPTV services nationwide.

AXN Korea is the first among all channels and feeds at SPENA to be migrated to HD. The brand new AXN HD channel in Korea will continue to be available via SkyLife which currently has upwards of 2.3 million subscribers, as part of its HD package; as well as on MegaTV, which has a subscriber base of 800,000 including VOD and linear service subscribers as of January 2009.

GlobeCastís recent HD deals with MEASAT include The History Channel HD and National Geographic Channel HD.