French networks still losing weight

Mediamétrie’s monthly February TV viewing ratings show the historical networks continue to lose audience shares in favour of DTT channels. TF1, France 2, France 3, France 5, Canal+, Arte and M6 represented an overall 73% of market share last month, down 0.8% compared to January but 4.6% over one year.

TF1 went down 0.5% over one month at 26.2% audience share, losing 1.3% over one year. France 2 was at 16.4%, down 0.3% vs January and 1.9% over one year. M6 is more enduring as it lost no more than 0.1% over one month at 10.9%. The RTL-owned network even saw audience share go up 0.2% compared to February 2008.

The overall descent in viewing of the traditional networks mostly favoured DTT channels whose market share reached 14% last month vs 13.5% in January and 10.1% in February 2008. This market is led by TMC (2.4%), W9 (2.2%) and Gulli (1.9%). Cable and satellite channels also rose last month to reach 13% instead of 12.3% one year ago.