30,000 HanseNet IPTV subscribers

German ADSL provider HanseNet has so far won 30,000 customers for the IPTV platform Alice homeTV distributed on its broadband networks, the Telecom Italia subsidiary said in Hamburg. The bouquet had 20,000 subscribers in mid-2008.

Alice homeTV, launched in May 2006, reaches a total of around 10 million households in more than 150 cities and communities. On board are 115 TV channels, a free television download service with more than 250 films, documentaries and music videos as well as a digital video library with over 1,800 movies priced at between 90 cents and €5.90.

The IPTV platform is part of HanseNet’s triple play package consisting of an internet connection and a telephone line available from €24.90 per month. The 35 public TV channels are available without charge, while the 35 commercial channels will incur an additional fee of €4.90 per month from July 1.

An additional 45 pay-TV channels are available which, depending on the package, cost between €2.90 and €22.90 per month. The IPTV receiver, which connects the ADSL line to the television set, can be rented for €2.90 per month or purchased for €69.90.

In the first half of this year HanseNet plans to offer for the first time a set-top-box with a recording function.