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Night Train to Munich (U) 1940 A British secret agent goes undercover in Germany to rescue a Czech scientist and his daughter from the Nazis. Spy thriller, starring Rex Harrison, Margaret Lockwood and James Harcourt (888)

Very Important Person (U) 1961 A stuck-up Allied scientist is sent to a PoW camp after crash-landing during a reconnaissance mission over Germany. His bizarre attitude and a series of misunderstandings initially earn him the enmity of his fellow inmates, but his fortunes change for the better when he devises an audacious plan to escape. World War Two comedy, with James Robertson Justice, Stanley Baxter, Leslie Phillips and Eric Sykes (888)

I Was a Male War Bride (U) 1949 French army captain Henri Rochard falls in love with an American officer on a mission during World War Two, and the couple make plans to marry and live in the US after fighting has ceased. However, they must first negotiate a web of military red tape, especially when Rochard discovers the only way he can get into the States is to pose as a woman. Howard Hawks' comedy, starring Cary Grant and Ann Sheridan (888)

Local Hero (PG) 1983 An American oil company representative is sent to buy a Scottish coastal village so it can be demolished to make way for a new refinery, but gradually takes a shine to the place. Bill Forsyth's comedy drama, starring Peter Riegert, Burt Lancaster, Denis Lawson, Peter Capaldi, Jenny Seagrove and Fulton Mackay (888)

Fantastic Four (PG) 2005 Five astronauts develop special powers after being exposed to cosmic rays. However, one of them decides to use his new-found strength for his own nefarious ends, leaving the others to join forces and stop him. Comic-book adventure, starring Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Chiklis, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans and Julian McMahon (888)

Once Upon a Time in the Midlands (15) 2002 A Glaswegian crook heads for Nottingham after seeing his ex-girlfriend humiliate her boyfriend on daytime television, determined that he should win back her heart. Shane Meadows' comedy, starring Robert Carlyle, Rhys Ifans, Shirley Henderson, Kathy Burke and Ricky Tomlinson (888)

The Godless Girl (PG) 1929 An atheist youngster, who holds secret anti-religious meetings with her friends, causes a conflict with an opposing group which gets out of hand, leading to a girl's death. She is sent to a tough reform school along with the leader of a Christian club, and the pair reconcile their differences and gain a fresh outlook on life. Cecil B DeMille's silent drama, starring Lina Basquette and James Duryea

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