What the fuck is wrong with this emu ? When you run this trough IDA, I must say, i've never seen such garbage code... it has re-routines all over the damn thing...and then they're wondering why viaccess cards have a hard time updating ? ../ R O F L

I did a test here with multiple cards, took Viaccess Csat FR 820 card and try updating it ... 1016(58) emms later (58 valid according to cccam!) and 10 hours later ... guess what, still no picture ...

Same card, use my grandmothers Cardserver6_10b/Newcamd (from the stoneages) and 20 seconds later -> PICTURE .... OH MY GOD !

Well that said, tried irdeto card, ART NILESAT .. 606, same shit, CCcam 1000 emms (102 valid) and nothing.....

Used newcs / Mgcamd -> 3 minutes, PICTURE ...

What does it tell us about CCcam ? That it actually works, handles SECA/NDS emm's, but the viaccess handler is totally bollox, an the irdeto handler, well I won't even go there.

What's good about CCcam ? It's not a freeze-free NDS emu as some people might want to think, because in order for you to have freeze-free nds you still need newcs, and this you could use with mgcamd, which handles EMM's from ALL CARDS perfectly ... But CCcam is popular, altough it's lacking quite a few things, but then again, nothing's perfect.

I am really dissapointed and regret having moved from gbox to CCcam,
and I can only hope CCcam will work as it should be in the future.

And if you need EMM handler routines, just IDA cardserver_6.10b for god's sake !