Canal Digital cements new TV 2 deal

By Julian Clover | March 5, 2009 | 10:43 UK

Canal Digital has made a new agreement with Denmark’s quasi-commercial channel TV 2. From April 1 TV 2 will be broadcast as a digital channel on Canal Digital’s satellite platform for the first time.

“Our new agreement with TV 2 makes it first and foremost easier for our customers, especially when switched off the analogue signal on 31 October. Next, the agreement strengthens our satellite platform, said Jens Arnesen, managing director, Canal Digital Danmark.

“The agreement with Canal Digital TV 2 is a natural extension of similar agreements in the satellite field,” added TV 2’s Financial Director Peter Norm “The expected EU approval of TV 2’s plan will enable us to collect subscription payments from 2012 and although the agreement with Canal Digital will run until 2016, it will in this situation be renegotiated.”

Although the majority of Danish Canal Digital subscribers could already access TV2 through the platform’s hybrid DTT receivers the platform wants to ensure easy access to the channel.

The agreement also means that all viewers will be able to tune into the eight regional TV channels, regardless of where they lived.