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Thread: Lokale: Premiere Film,Familie,Sport,Bundesliga,Star/HDTV und Swiss SRG Full/HD

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    Lokale: Premiere Film,Familie,Sport,Bundesliga,Star/HDTV und Swiss SRG Full/HD

    i looking only local Cards from this Provider (SAT) and only looking Full no share:
    - Sky Italia Full/Sport/HD/Calicio
    - Sky UK Full/Sport/HD
    - D+ Spain Full/Sport
    - TV Cabo
    - Arena Full XXL/Bundesliga/Sportdigital
    - PremiereFull/Sport/HD/BigBrother/Austria
    all other Cards have me to my Share and other Card looking me not. All PN from other Cards delet me!!!
    AND NO LOCAL = NO SHARE!!!...this is for all noobs!
    My Servers is 24/7 online and very very strong. My Servers big, stabil and very seri÷s. I looking only seri÷s good Peers and Peers 24/7 a Peer not 24/7 online -->delet me this Line! All new Peers test me local Card --> have you FAKE Card delet me Line and make to all Worldsahre Forums Therad to Blackliste/Bad Peer and Card, withe this Information: Forum Name, Dyndns Name, IP-Adresse, FAKE CARD Details/Information, EMU Vers..and all F*** Levelstealer no share withe you!!!
    My Server Date:
    - Server1:
    Local= Premiere Full (Filme, Familie, Sport, Bundesliga, Star and active me BigBrother to this Card...only Sportdigital and PPV is not open from Share withe this Card!!!
    - Server2: Local= Swiss SRG Full/HD
    EMU Vers.:
    - Server1 and Server2: Gbox 2.25d and me test Mbox 0.4 Beta 0023 withe Gbox Protocoll, to Server 1=Mbox-MPCS and to Server2=Mbox-Newcs.... Mbox is only test!!!
    Distanz 1 Statistic:
    - Server1= Dist.1= 100-120
    - Server2= Dist.1= 120-150
    DSL Line / Box Typ and Share Methode:
    - 20Mbit VDSL
    - Server1: Dreambox DM600S-PVR
    - Server2: Dreambox DM500S+
    My Cards share me to intern slot from Dreambox, withe Server Nr.1 and 2....
    Resahre: I have a very good Level-Reshare Statistic...this can you test ....hehe...You have my looking Cards and intresse???--> Give me PN withe Share Information: Local Cards and Abo TYP (only Full), EMU Vers., Distanz.1, DSL Line / Box Typ and Share Methode, MSN Mail other Sky-Adresse from more conntact.....
    THX and happy Sharing

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    Re: Lokale: Premiere Film,Familie,Sport,Bundesliga,Star/HDTV und Swiss SRG Full/HD

    i have tvcabo 30w almost full missing only 2 pornografic and 2 brasilian channels

    do you want to share

    best regards

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