France Telecom to turn Orange.

Commercial brand Orange will become France Télécom’s new name before 2012, CEO Didier Lombard announced at the presentation in Paris of the group results.

The leading idea is to make technology simpler and make it more easily affordable to the 182.3 million worldwide customers (up 7% in 2008) including 121.8 million on mobile (up 11%) and 12.7 ADSL broadband million customers (up 9%). Complementing the ADSL service, the new satellive TV platform achieved 201,000 subs over the last six months of 2008 in France. The total makes 1.9 million ADSL and satellite subs.

Didier Lombard also added that the sport and movie channels Orange Sport and Orange Cinéma Séries, launched in 2008, were counting 300,000 subs at the end of February vs 180,000 at the end of December 2008.

Over the last year France Télécom has met all its financial objectives and even gone further than market expectations the group said. Consolidated revenue increased 2.9% on a comparable basis to €53.5 bn. The net income group share rose 13.6% on a comparable basis to €5.2 bn, vs €4.6 bn in 2007. On an actual basis, however, it fell back 35% at €4.1 bn in 2008 vs €6.3 bn in 2007.