About the new image 1.9.3D

Coder: ngc1927

Help from: tension9000 - MaxZ4

Betatester and friends:
genge = Ipbox200 - Qbox
frog68 = Dm500
neri73 = Dm7000S - Qbox
voodo3 = Qbox
theseven = Dm500s - Dm7020s
black33 = Dm600pvr
biondo79 = Ipbox250s - DM500s - DM600PVR
piefav = Dm7020
sasulini = Dpbox350 - Qbox - Manuale Utente
Gerryg = Ipbox350
Renderman= Bootlogo
Cupidz = Ipbox200 - Ipbox350
Killer = Qbox
Getdownup= IPbox350
Costa46 = Qbox - Ipbox250 -English/Changelog
badwolf = Ipbox350
porto = Skin

- CVS updated to 13.02.2009(more audio files are supported)
- Now you can block ,trought parental control,the access to emu panel
- commands 'ifup' and 'ifdown' are available
- Removed:"streamts" that is available on online panel
the second bootlogo is available also by online panel
removed(only on ipbox versions)some files...they are always available online
- You are now able to left downloaded addons(advanced menu)
- Libc.so.6 updated
- start script of qbox one fixed(wifi won't lose settings at reboot)
- 200 image has already buil-in executable and any library of openvpn
-you can mount an external hdd on qbox(added option on advanced panel)

Enjoy Sif-team fans