France: traditional media remains strong

Although French people use media more and more, Médiamétrie’s study Media In Life shows that traditional media (TV, radio, press and theater) may not be so threatened by new media and digital leisures. Each day, individuals aged 13 and more have an average of 38.6 contacts with a media or multimedia activity – 13.9% growth compared to 2005 and up 2.1% compared to 2007.

More than 99% of the population still use traditional media which stands for 73.6% of all media contacts. The use of digital leisure (mobile, music, video games) generates 5.8 contacts each day (17.2%) while internet almost doubled its share to 9.1% (3.2 contacts each day).

Media frequentation has also changed with 7.2% of French individuals accessing TV, radio and press outside the original platform, which represents an audience growth of 3.7 million people since 2005. And 43.8% of contacts with music are now made through new media.