ZON happy with results

The year 2008 was a good one for Portuguese pay TV operator ZON according to Rodrigo Costa, the operator's CEO. Three of the company’s goals were fulfilled.

Goals were leading Portugal's triple play market (with 250,000 subscribers), bettering the client service (in 2008 this service registered a reduction of 25% of claims) and finding new growth opportunities. In this case the launch of virtual mobile network (MVNO) was one of them.

Luís Lopes, the company's administrator, said that last year was “an exceptional” one for the company, referring to the large number of HD channels the operator offered to its clients as well as the strong growth in the digital market, the growth of the ZON Boxes and the success of the service ZON Videoclub, recently launched. "So we are very optimistic towards this year," he added.

Finally ZON is searching for new international business opportunities in particular in those African Portuguese speaking countries.