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Thread: help a newbie with humax 5400

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    help a newbie with humax 5400

    Hi All, Im looking for a little help. been away for a while, and trying to catch up with all thats changed, im bleary eyed from reading.
    im trying to clear some channels on astra 19 east. this is what i have

    80cm dish
    Humax 5400 patched
    Hot 11.1
    latest keybin from yargi
    latest pmc and settings
    signal strength and quality is very good

    am i missing something, or am i wasting my time
    is there anything open at the moment.

    any help will be much appreciated

    thanks in advance

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    Re: help a newbie with humax 5400

    Nothing opened for the time being...

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    Re: help a newbie with humax 5400

    thanks for your reply, will keep watching the boards with hope

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    Re: help a newbie with humax 5400

    canal+ nl is suppose to be open,but when i load the key's nothing happens.digitv works good.but that is on thor 1 west.
    trey to upload the key.bin maybe you wil get lucky.

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