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Thread: Dongle Strong

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    Dongle Strong

    Strong Software & Loader For Dongle

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    Exclamation Re: Dongle Strong

    What about the MicroBox (mini FTA Receiver) ????

    Is it work with strong STB and what are they Please::

    Thank You

    SRT4620x is work with or not

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    Re: Dongle Strong

    microbox work with strong pvr series (46xx.xii - 48xx.xii ......)

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    Unhappy Re: Dongle Strong

    I wanna buy microbox dongle, and I dunno from where

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    Re: Dongle Strong

    not on discontinue model ,it work with 466... and above

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    Re: Dongle Strong

    strong 4620x = dongle y6
    strong CPU CX24303-13AZ
    dump for laptool

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    Re: Dongle Strong

    Hi There....How Are You..?
    i just wanna ask some q.... i have Dongle Called High Tech III All In One ......
    i bought it copula of days ..... it worked and stop yesterday
    i just wanna know how to update it and who to get the new soft ... by the way i use Strong 4620X ..... so please i wanna some help if u can ... Thanks
    best Regards

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    Re: Dongle Strong

    I am having the same problem yesterday. The dongle i have is "The Color Dark" nothing else is mentioned.
    I took it for update of software but it worked with W6 (this is what he was saying) but at my home it is not working.
    I am also using STRONG receiver. i think there is another update for this :(

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    Re: Dongle Strong

    so where to get one of these dongles?
    will it bring the box from dead? have several 4620x/4622x that worked moderately well for a while then just died with no display although lnb supply & clock lines still going.

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    Re: Dongle Strong

    can i ask if this thread is the one i'm looking for my dongle Y4 The colour black,not The Dark one. i am using my dongle in W6. Tnx in advance to anyone who can give an info.

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